Find our 5-star holiday house, a “villa de luxe,” situated in Southern Brittany encompassed by the beautiful French countryside

Ever fancied a vacation that combines the luxury of a 5 star hotel with that of a uniquely situated local residence in southern Britany France?  The villa, ENTRESELETSABLE, is the holiday cottage that is just that!  With its year round heated pool, enclosed private garden, high end appliances, and luxurious amenities. This villa offers you an unique and adventurous visit in the heart of a time preserved Britannic environment.

Nestled in the heart of the town of Batz-sur-Mer, full of medieval character, the villa combines its contemporary beauty with the comfort of a friendly and family inviting holiday home all the while respecting the environment and its heritage.

Given that each trip is unique, ENTRESELETSABLE (Between Salt & Sand) has been specifically designed as a flexible accommodation to provide stays for parties hosting anywhere from 2 to 14 people.  Equipped with several private suites each with their focal points drawing toward a warm and friendly living space.

Whether you are a sporty, curious, food loving, or just a relaxed vacationer, we will confide in you our locations and tips, in order to deliver a unique and authentic experience meeting all your needs and desires.

For us the preservation of the environment and luxury must go hand in hand.  Our villa has been labeled as an “eco-responsible” living quarters.  The location is easily accessible by train and offers two electric vehicles on site allowing the exploration and preservation of the region.

Come and experience our one of a kind holiday hideout for a weekend, week or summer long stay.  Treat yourself to a much needed recharge by staying in close contact with the sea and salt marshes. Profiting from within a region where landscapes seem to transform at will, ever changing, where the wind and tides leave the eye an infinite ocean horizon.

We’ve thought of everything, just think of you ! 

A location personalized to one’s own desire

A destination vacation for all