A unique holiday home anchored in the rich history of France’s Guérande peninsula

Situated in the southern end of Brittany, Batz-sur-Mer has a long history punctuated by salt and it’s close proximity to the ocean.  When the Guérande peninsula was finally connected by rail during the 19th century, Batz-sur-Mer became a destination for numerous French artists, many of whom would become the first modern day holidaymakers.  Situated against its rugged coast and graced with its ever changing daylight, the area became an ideal place for inspiration and creation.

Amongst such artists was Honoré de Balzac who stayed there in 1834 in the house of Madame de la Valette. In this abode “Le calme logis”, translated roughly as “The quiet Home”, Balzac wrote a short story based on his experience there entitled A Drama by the Sea and a novel by the name of Béatrix.  It is in memory of this writer’s stay in Batz-sur-mer that we have chosen to style the suites in omoge to Balzac, a great witness of his time.  Named after his works or characters from his novels, our suites cultivate a taste for beauty while capturing the calmness and serenity of their surroundings.

Despite our perceived focal point on Balzac, many other artists have immortalized their stays in Batz-sur-Mer in their paintings, such as Jean-Baptise Corot, a painter who pioneered Impressionism.  Her painting “Bretonnes à la fontaine,” exhibited at the Louvre, illustrates in the background a dune on which our very own villa ENTRESELETSABLE stands today.

Purchased by a family of salt workers in 1933 this land became the property of a predominant village merchant who wanted a place of relaxation for him and his family.  During the renovation of the villa we discovered many toys that once belonged to his daughters and now date more than 80 years old.

As Holiday goers to Batz-sur-Mer, for many years, we wanted to create an ideal holiday home there.  One that we found ourselves imagining during our many travels around the world.  In 2014 a pleasant coincidence created the right condition for us to obtain this astonishing garden, which allowed our project to come to life.

Our standard is at your holiday service 

The creation of a unique holiday home, purposed to deliver exceptional moments in time, had been at the forefront of our minds while designing and constructing this resolute and contemporary villa.  With its industrial style combining the brightness of a charming loft and the feel of Parisian artists studio.  All the details compliment a well thought out space centered around the comfort of our guests, while inviting simplicity to a stay where there is nothing to worry about.

“Passioné” by design, the creation of the interior architecture was carefully chosen by the owner, giving meticulous attention to the materials and objects used within the house to generate a unique and timeless atmosphere.  Incorporating as much as possible, using local talented craftsmen from the region, the interior is softened with its exposed wood and illuminated steel, that offers comfort in thermal and sound insulating protection.

In each of the suites you will find unique pieces crafted by local cabinet makers Emmanuel Thoby and Paul Hoffmann and light fixtures provided by our lighting specialist Hervé Hisle de Beauchaine. Associated with the equipment designed by Patricia Urquiola or Philippe Starck, their ensemble combines the desired elements to make your stay at the villa ENTRESELETSABLE a unique and luxurious experience in all of its dimensions.

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