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Get out of your usual environment; surprise your grandchildren in a new, different, preserved and secured background, which is much more pleasant.

Depending on the size of your family, choose the most appropriate room: Beatrix (4 -6 people), Fil de Soie ( 4- 6 people) or La recherche de l’Absolu (10 – 14 people).

With an ideal location near the beach and public transportation, we will advise you fun things to do and you will surprise your grandchildren discovering History, Natural Sciences, creative workshops or Sports…

At Entreseletsable, everyone has a private place to relax and also spacious rooms for family activities. After a busy day, you will have the opportunity to relive again the best moments, to share complicity instant next to the fireplace, to play board games… everything is possible and these are your exceptional holiday with your grandchildren.